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Other Dreams
— From Thousands of Fans, a Few Selected Notes —

Wow! I finished reading Other Dreams last night at 2:00 a.m. and thoroughly enjoyed the book. It became more and more suspenseful the further I read. This novel is very good literature that shows just what we humans are capable of; hate. Yours was the first book I ever bought in my life, and it was a good choice!

 — Sam Diers / Denver, Colorado

I really enjoyed Other Dreams! I could not wait until the next chapter to see what other injustice would befall poor old Tater and pal Gaitlin. I am glad to see you expose the prejudice and cancer of jumped conclusions that can inundate a "presumed innocent" so swiftly. The scary thing is that this could still happen (and I'm sure it does on a daily basis) in today's age of enlightened investigation. An excellent read!

— Bill Perry / Phoenix, Arizona

You asked if I would like to buy your book. I said I read so slowly that I just can't get into books. You told me I would not be able to put this book down. Well, I went out of town last weekend and started reading Other Dreams. You were right. This book is just great! I have never gotten into a book like that before and just had to finish it. Glad you talked me into it!

— Phyllis Arenson / Mission, Kansas

I started reading Other Dreams last night, woke up this morning and finished it. Glad I wandered into the bookstore. Sometimes the most enjoyable experiences are those that surprise us, and that's just what your book was. A pleasant surprise.

— Jeff Ball / Denver, Colorado

Other Dreams is good. The author doesn't try to be funny; he doesn't try to be clever; Nor is Other Dreams intended to simply entertain, although it is immensely entertaining. It is a serious novel about prejudice, and demonstrates that prejudice is the result of ignorance, conceit, misunderstanding, and refusing to see the obvious when it is neither fun nor convenient to do so. The story is told in 226 pages of prose as sizzling and captivating as that of pop-authors like Grisham and Crichton. But Ifkovits includes something that is woefully lacking in the works of these better known authors. He includes insight into the nature of real people and the real world.

— Jack Bollan / Somewhere, Colorado
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